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I’ve worked on projects for the Department of Defense, commercial clients and my own small business. It’s all led me down the path to create Gamer Sites. I’ve been blessed over the years to be able to work on projects that put me well outside of my comfort zone and in positions that I probably shouldn’t have qualified for but definitely excelled in.

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Gamer Sites is my passion

I’ve built and managed teams in various areas of tech both big and small. Everything from building an analytical database system for a key cyber defense mission area, leading teams of cyber operators in support of Data Loss Prevention efforts for the USAF, to even building a simple yet powerful marketing website for a local D&D game store.

Now I’m a stay at home dad of 4 kiddos ranging from 7 months old to 7 years old. All so that my wife can pursure her dreams of running a creative dog grooming salon. With the limited down time that I have, I’ve set my sights on building Gamer Sites. I’ve built another amazing team of creatives/developers to craft the best all-in-one solution for creators to monitize and solidify their brands.

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I’d love to chat about how websites can be a powerful tool for creators and how my team can help you achieve your goals. Whether that be monitization, e-commerce, or simply engaging with your community in a new unique way.

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