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Welcome to the Gamer Sites’ Beta!


We’re super excited to open the doors to our custom WordPress solution for gaming creators, developers, and teams! This has been a passion project for us over the past few years. We’ve been developing this platform quietly and we’re finally ready to open the flood gates! While our site still needs some polishing, we’ve got some cool ideas on how to showcase creators. The system’s software is ready to go for anyone who wants to try early for FREE! Below, we’ll address a few items of our beta launch and our way forward in this blog post.


First, under beta status we’ve limited access to requesting a Gamer Site by filling out a request form. This is only temporary since we’re a small team of very dedicated & capable developers, and this allows us to control the surge of accounts and ensure that quality of service is at optimum levels and bugs are kept at a minimum. During beta phase, glitches discovered will be ironed out on the user side as well as a few additional features will be finished on our visual builder. In addition, the customization processes will be transferred from our current infrastructure to a more permanent production infrastructure which will enable our free tool and standard Gamer Site to be a simple registration and provisioning service that will no longer require a form or any input from our staff.


We have a few items we’re working on specifically to further polish what we already have ready to be accessed during our beta period. Our dashboard is limited but will be improving over time as we gain information from user activity within each Gamer Site. We’ll also be adding some more customized modules to the visual builder to include some more user friendly embed tools for such as YouTube, Twitch, and Kick.


We can’t wait to discover what you create as we’re committed to continually building this project with your input. Please join us on our Discord and let us know what you think, what you’d like to see, and what you find hard to figure out with your current Gamer Site! In the next upcoming weeks, we’ll also be releasing a more solidified timeline for upcoming features and updates. We’re looking forward to your honest feedback.


From the Gamer Site crew, Thank you!


Jake Nelson

Co-Founder | Lead Solution Architect @ Gamer Sites

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